Our Fur-Babies


We first brought our fur-baby home about in early 2016. Her previous paw-rents adopted her (rescued kitten) but was unable to commit to her caring for her. Misty is a very beautiful cat albeit her kinked tail which sort of makes her special. 

When we wanted to shop for Misty, we knew we needed to get good quality products and food. So we thought if we could source for quality products at cheaper prices, then why not share that with other paw-rents. 

Misty has loved us unconditionally since she came into our lives and we will love her back the same. Sometime in late July, we tried to pair Misty with a partner named Rusty. Rusty was an older ragdoll male whom we bought over from a home breeder. Misty and Rusty got along well and before long, Misty was pregnant.

Less than 3 months since we had Rusty, we saw him drained of energy. He started showing signs of not eating and was no longer active. Hi stomach started to get bloated. We got him to a vet, put him through multiple tests, only to be told that nothing could be done. Within the next few days, Rusty deteriorated before he finally passed on. We were there at his final moments. We could only comfort ourselves by saying that his last few months were spent in peace, instead of being forced to breed.

Maybe it was Rusty's, parting gift. Less than a week later, Misty gave birth to 2 healthy boys whom we named Black and White.