Cat scratching ball

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  • Designed For Your Cat - We all know cats love to keep themselves well-groomed, and this includes always keeping their claws in check. This cat scratching toy is well-designed according to your cat's natural habits and does not only satisfy your cat's natural scratching instinct, it also keeps them healthy, happy and entertained, providing hours of fun and exercise for your favorite feline!
  • Protects Your Furniture - Any cat lover has seen this so many times: furniture scraped and ripped to shreds. It's but natural for cats to sharpen their claws with anything remotely available. Don't let your cat scratch up your furniture and get them this Sisal Rope Ball Cat Scratching Toy now! Our innovative and multifunctional cat ball scratcher draws your cat's attention away from your sofa, cushions, and other scratch-prone furniture and keeps your floor free from scratch markings! Problem solved!
  • Simple Operation - No need to spend hours on assembly and no need for complicated tools! This cat scraper toy is so easy to install with a few screws in here and there and you're all set!
  • Multifunctional - This stylish, modern furniture style cat scratching toy blends in with your home decor. It's compact, portable, and space-saving so you can set it up in any corner of your home. It's not only a cool-looking scratching toy for your cat, it can also serve as a lovely side-piece accent to spice up any room! This product is also environment-friendly and recyclable.


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Cat scratching ball