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Catit SmartSift (Cat or Small Dogs)

  • $125.00

In a perfect world the litter box would be invisible. Your cat could simply go in, disappear, and then reappear clean and happy. There would be no smell, no litter to clean and replace, and no maintenance of any kind. While this is simply not possible, the good news is that there have been many developments in recent years that have made maintaining a litter box much easy

-Measures 66 x 48 x 63cm

-Automatic litter sifting cat pan takes the chore out of litter maintenance

-Scoops cat litter for you-simply pull the lever

-Safe and quiet process

-No motorized pieces-no expensive parts to replace

-Sealed design minimizes tracking, provides privacy

-Integrated carbon filter absorbs odors

-A large swinging door allows cats to enter and exit easily

-Clear-view access window allows easy monitoring of litter

-Pull-out waste bin collects waste clumps for easy disposal

-Maintenance access door allows you to easily replenish litter

-Includes one biodegradable liner for the cat pan and one for the pull-out waste bin

-Suitable for cats
This is the best cat litter you can ever ask for!