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Cat's Eye Brand Kitten & Cat Dry Food

  • $20.00

Cat Eye Kitten & Cat products are specially formulated for all stage cats to reduce hairballs by improving both your cat's coat and digestion. Highly digestible and palatable ingredients provide enhancing vitality and boosting the immune system, improve your cat's ablility to absorb nutrients, promote colocn health and reduce waste with good taste.

Hair ball management 

  • formulated with natural cellulose and beet pulp to help control hairballs

Healthy eye & visions

  • formulated with vitamin A and taurine for bright, healthy eyes and good vision.

Strong immune system 

  • complete nutrition with vital antioxidants and high level of quality protein.  

Healthy digestive system 

  • highly digestible formula enable s your cat to receive optimal nutrition from the food with less going waste.

Shiny & healthy Coat

  • omega fatty acids from flaxseed and fish meat, vitamin A and highly quality protein help shiny & healthy coat.

Natural flavour

  • highly quality natural real chicken for a taste cat loves. no added artificial colors or flavors.