Fancy Feast Royale Wet Food

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Fancy Feast Royale Recipes (85g)

Succulent dishes crafted with love, for the cat who deserves something that little extra special.
Treat your cat to our delicious range of signature dishes. With delicate cuts of fish and meat they’re sure to delight even the most discerning palate.
The variety of recipes in the Fancy Feast® range are proven favourites made from a delicious combination of gourmet flavours and mouth-watering textures. No wonder cats love them so much.

1. Tuna Whitemeat Supreme

Premium pieces of white meat tuna are hand-selected and served in a savoury broth. An extra special treat for your cat.

Tuna, Seabream, Gelling Agents and Vitamin E.

2. Seafood & Chicken Medley

An elegant fusion of tender chicken and seafood served in aromatic gentle broth.

Tuna, Crab Flavoured Seafood, Chicken, Gelling Agents, Fish Broth and Vitamin E.

3. Tuna Flakes & Seabream Medley

Delectable white tuna flakes delicately topped with pink seabream.

Tuna, Seabream, Gelling Agents and Vitamin E.