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Jusz Spray for Cats Area

  • $35.00

Spray to entire surface thoroughly. Leave it to dry or wipe clean if necessary. Can be used on all non-living surfaces, soft or hard. 150ml

If your cats have fleas & mites, to prevent and protect it thoroughly, use both JUSZ™ SPRAY For Cats (JSC) and JUSZ™ SPRAY For Cats Area (JSA).

Spray JSC thoroughly to the entire body of the cat. You can start from the tail, then moving towards the back of the head, to the back of the ears, neck, & finally to the lower part of the body & legs.

You can use JSA on the surrounding surface where your cat loves to hang out, such as the cage, carpet, sofa, bedding and other surfaces, be it hard or soft.

Make it one or two spray sessions a day and do it continuously for 7-10 days.

Infection inside ears & around eyes, use JUSZ™ SPRAY For Cats (JSC) to heal the infection inside the ears and around the eyes. But to do so, it is strongly advised NOT to spray directly. Spray it on a piece of cloth/wool/tissue/cotton bud, then wipe it inside the ear or around the eye.

  • Do not worry if your cat (or pet) lick its fur/coat. Supercat® JUSZ™ SPRAY is derived from plant extracts, and it is free from drugs, medication, alchohol or synthetic chemicals. It is safe on pets, humans and the environment too (for disposal).