Long Hair Grooming Kit (Usual Price $165)

  • $125.00

Special Introduction Promotion!! Now at $125 Usual price $165!
Regular grooming is an important part of maintaining health. Cat may not have a coat that mats but frequent brushing will cut down on shedding and the amount of hair getting ingested through her self-grooming.

Xclusivepets Grooming Kit provides basic essential items you need to groom your pet.  This grooming kit includes :

  1. Chitocure Shampoo (Choose 1 of these: All purpose, Brightening, Conditioner & Hypo Allergenic)
  2. Hagen Catit Longhair grooming Kit for Cats
  3. Ocean Kiss Pure Salmon Oil
  4. Hartz - Best groomers waterless Shampoo
  5. Nail trimmer