Perfect Pet Dinner - Electronic portion control automatic pet feeder

  • $125.00

Feed your pet on a programmed schedule with the convenience of an automatic pet feeder by this new HL-2008 Electronic; Portion Control Pet Feeder. Large LCD displays the current time, meals programmed (breakfast, lunch, dinner) meal size & number of meal served. 

  1. Simple to set, easy to read the programming LCD panel
  2. Veterinarian recommended for diabetic pets, prevents over-eating, obesity, boredom etc.
  3. Can be kept anywhere in your home
  4. Pet Owners Record / Play voices, to call pet at the meal time, 3 times voice recalls (add features)
  5. Can be programmed to dispense portion from 1/4 cup to 3 cups, at 3 selected meals everyday.
  6. See through Food Hoppers holds approx. 5.5L of dry foods and can be monitored at a glance
  7. Handles range of dry any food sizes, shapes & types up to 15m/m diameter.
  8. Batteries last up to 6months not included