Purrfect Arch

  • $15.00

As Seen On TV
  • Purrfect Arch features a convenient self-groomer-and-massager-in-one design that brushes a cat's coat while at the same time massages your pet while playing
  • Sturdy arched plastic bristles help remove shedding, loose hair and prevent hair balls and matting while also giving your pet a gentle massage
  • Durable carpeted wood base is perfect for scratching to help keep your cat from scratching furniture
  • Includes a bag of catnip that you can use to infuse the carpeted base to make it irresistible for your pet
  • Suitable for indoor use only
  • Plastic, nylon, wood and polyester construction
  • Measures 12.2" W x 3.93" D x 14.96" H