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Purrinlot - Almond/Oatmeal/Honey pH Shampoo

  • $39.90

Ideal for all breeds and coat types, the effects of our Healthy Coat pH Almond Oatmeal Honey Shampoo are particularly visible on dominant color cats, especially tabbies. The Almond Oatmeal Honey formulation helps enhance the appearance of tabby bars and helps dominant colors appear more pronounced 

Delivers extra cleansing and conditioning
Adds volume and fluff, and texture to coat
Helps soothe dry, itchy skin
Enhances dominant colors and tabby bars
A great first, second, or final shampoo (We recommend using Almond Oatmeal Honey as your final shampoo for dominants and tabbies.)

Additional features
Can be used full strength or diluted
Detergent and chemical free
Also available in 32 oz size