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Royal Canin - Hairball

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A cat dedicates around 30% of its day to caring for its fur. It's rough tongue works like a brush to remove the dead hairs and particles from its coat. The swallowed hairs are either broken down or passed through the body along with the faeces. The natural removal of the hair can be supported by emptying the stomach and boosting the intestinal transit.
Royal Canin Hairball Care cat food for the reduction of hairballs:

Intestinal activity is stimulated by micro-fibres and psyllium, which has slime-building properties
Hairball build-up in the stomach as well the breaking down that follows can be reduced to that hair can be passed naturally

The exclusive “anti-hairball” complex can help to pass up to double the usual amount of hair
Proven to be effective after just 21 days when you feed your cat Royal Canin Hairball Care exclusively
Special formula to support urinary tract function for adult cats (pH value: 6-6.5) Royal Canin Hairball Care contains all the essential nutrients your cat needs boosting health and happiness. The proven effectiveness of Royal Canin Hairball Care cat is documented in scientific studies. For more than 40 years Royal Canin has been making your pet's health the prime focus of their work leading to the product range "Health Nutrition" amongst others. Only with the knowledge of your pet’s exact nutritional requirements and with respect for the individuality of every animal can the perfect meal be developed and produced to exactly meet your pet’s needs.