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Royal Canin - Indoor 7+

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In aging cats, the reduced activity due to their age often results in a reduction of muscle mass. Fatty tissue can accumulate, leading to the risk of obesity. Older cats often suffer from a loss of appetite. Causes for this include, among others, dental problems, and/or a gradual decrease in the ability to smell the food.

The results of age also become noticeable in the kidney functions, the joints, the immune system, and in the digestive functions.

Royal Canin Indoor +7 is optimally tuned to the nutritional needs of older indoor cats starting at age 10:

Odour Reduction: An exclusive process that guarantees small, firm, and considerably less smelly faeces.
Anti-Age Complex: Reduced phosphorus and sodium contents to maintain kidney function and an exclusive combination of synergistic antioxidants (green tea polyphenols and high concentrations of vitamins E & C) to combat the attacks of free radicals responsible for cell aging. Reduced phosphorous & sodium content to support healthy kidneys

Ultra-Soft Kibble: Kibbles with a very soft texture ideally suited to the dentition of cats over the age of 10 years.
Optimal Calorie Control: Provides an ideal balance between the food's energy supply and your cat's energy expenditure, in relation to its lifestyle and level of activity.
Tartar Control: Improves oral hygiene by reducing the occurrence of tartar deposits on your cat's teeth.
Hairball System: Stimulates the elimination of hairs from the intestines and reduces the risk of hairball formation.